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The Online Casino-Ego is the sixth sense. How many of us feel like we have a sixth sense that we use to guide us through life? I am talking about the sixth sense of gambling. I bet you didn’t know that you had this sixth sense.

If you think about it you will find that you can make choices that affect how you feel about a situation. This is because you are paying attention to what you are feeling when you gamble. Most gamblers will acknowledge that they do have a sixth sense. The first time that you decide to gamble you may feel excited, elated, nervous, or depressed. Then you win and you feel terrible

The second time that you go gambling you decide that you are going to get more into it and you win some more. Your emotions change and you start to feel good again. Next thing you know you decide that you are going to go for it one more time and you win it all. After you win your heart is racing and you feel like you can take no more risks. Soon you have decided that gambling is great and you have found your niche in life.
This is the Online Casino-Ego and I have to admit that I too had this. I used to be a huge football fan and I would go online and log onto one of the fantasy teams to pick the plays. I would watch the games, look at the stats, and try to figure out where my favorite player was.
Of course since I was a fanatic I could never get caught without a cigarette. After a while I decided that I wanted to move on from gambling but I still felt like gambling was a part of me. I used to check into a new online casino and I spent a couple of hours playing poker and trying to figure out the software. I actually got a little frustrated. What did I do wrong?
The next tip is to not let your ego ruin your online gambling experience. There are some people who play online because they like the idea of making more money than they would in real life. I am not against this at all. I just think people need to learn some boundaries before they can fully enjoy the rush of winning and the pressure of losing.
Also, be very careful of sites that promise you money that cannot be refunded. These sites are out to make money regardless of whether they deliver on their promises. They will take your money and run. Make sure that the site you are playing at is very reliable. A reputable online casino should have no problem refunding your money if they don’t feel you are being treated fairly.
In conclusion, virtual gambling can be an extremely exciting and enjoyable experience if you know how to approach it. The trick is to not let your real world feelings get in the way of enjoying virtual gambling. If you approach gambling in the same manner as you would a real casino, you will have a lot of fun and probably make some money as well. Just make sure you set boundaries with your online persona to keep things in perspective. That way you will be able to have as much fun as possible.

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